The girl in subway

Whole world is taking their heart out for women safety and security,even I am also a firm believer that this species,who make our world so beautiful as well as complicated should be treated like angels,n queens but what if some one tells you,he had encountered some situtation where he was concern about a women’s safety,in return what he received was abusive words,no point discussing about that ethical word”thank you”.

Like every other morning I was going through same routine,at 0430 hrs left the call centre,got in my respective cab which used to take me to mohammad pur near Hayat hotel in new delhi.
Around 5: 30,I reached the Hayat,as usual lit my ciggerete and started walking to the subway which was daily course to my place,as usual, like any metro city at that hour every subway used to be in solitude.
Some time I got to see someone walking to or coming out from that subway.
As usual earphone was stuffed in my ears,I was tuned to FM,while njoying the smoke I just entered ,after 2 or 3 steps I realized some one was lying near pump room,he was wearing black shirt,I thought some one might have had a lot of booze,now he is just paying off,I was moving farword without any surprize, when I reached closer,I had a full view of the body and I realized it was a girl,not in her senses.
I don’t know for how long she was lying there,her black skirt was bit lowered but not in a obscene manner,by the dress she wore,I guessed she was from a well to do family.I was puzzled as she might be dead or someone did something to her and ran away,because there is remotest possibility that she would have chosen that place to sleep in night.
I tried to wake her up,bt of no use,I started walking faster and came out from the subway and found the gatekeeper of Hayat hotel,I told him about the girl.generally five star hotel security personal are connected through the local police station,he just informed them on walkie talkie and rushed with me to subway,when we reached the place,girl was still lying in same condition as if she was sleeping in her cozy bed,that gatekeeper tried to wake her up,she opened her eyes looked around with puzzled sleepy eyes,and when she finally realized where she was.she got up, started cleaning the dust on her butt and other body parts.and finally she spoke that unbelievable sentence which I can never forget ” behenchod,log sone bhi nhi dete”(fuckers,they don’t let’s us sleep).
I just couldn’t believe what I just heard.I stared at her,meanwhile she started moving like she would be going to some place where no one could disturb her,I also came out of that subway along with the gatekeeper.
My mind was busy analysing those words,I could not believe when whole world is being mad abt women safety and security,
they are creating awareness to young guys and girls,here in indian capital a girl hardly aged 18 or 19 was so irresponsible.either she was unaware of all that news or she was least bothered and njoyong her adulthood but whatever could be the reason, I was just thinking what if some pervert would have reached before me and took advantage of her senseless position,or in the morning news paper I would have got that reckless news,when whole world would start stating that Indian capital is not safe for women.
Dont u think it’s the women’s responsibility also to take proper care of their whereabouts,their dressing,their friends.
Whatever happened that morning,I started believing if something goes wrong with a girl that doesn’t mean the guys could be held responsible,I know there is possibility,bt there always exists other side of coin.


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