The Tea quest

Ever been to place in India,where you landed in night,without knowing you were at the right place or not,but you get amazing feelings and in the morning you open your eyes and witness a ever lasting beauty of mother nature.

Just with the first yawn you believe this is the best morning you ever had,and u wish time stays there forever and suddenly you get that urge of having your favorite hot ginger tea and getting it, is nearly impossible.

Believe me, this just happened when I was on my journey to Katau above 6000 feet north of Gangtok.The place which gets isolated from Indian territory for almost 6 months in winter season.

A cab on the rough terrain at night,where you cant even see the road ,just moving forward creating the echo of heavy rock metal in the silence of scary mountains.On reaching the destination,I was not even sure, I am at the right place,but was so tired that I only needed a chilled beer.

When I woke up in the morning,it was near dawn and with the first yawn what i witnessed00001 through the cracks of curtains was heavenly, I just rushed to slide the curtain and was amazed to see the magic of nature,a mountain wrapped in hazy darkness of dawn, It felt like the cliff is slowly emerging from the golden bowl, I found myself stuck with the view for almost an hour just getting inspired from the successive change of mother nature,while cherishing the intense beauty I realized that under the golden blanket the cliff is changing color from yellow to smoking white as i started sliding my eyelids to bottom,got to see a valley with the sound of soft water flow,so lively and so beautiful

I could not wait to sea the mesmerizing beauty form outside,I was so lost that even I did not realize that I was only in my night shorts.i rushed inside to get some warm clothes and enjoyed the serene beauty.When I had the enough of the view I got the urge to have my favorite ginger tea to make the morning perfect.

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I scanned the area and did not see any place where I can get my morning tea which can touch my taste buds. I thought to search the area to get what I wanted and also to see some different shades and beauty.After wandering for one- two hours I did not see any CHAI WAALA shop, i was just amazed the India’s most Famous liquor is a good cup up of tea,and this place does not have a single Chai shop, I just knocked one door to ask where I can get tea or stuffs to make a tea.To my amazement there was not a single shop or place which can provide me the indian liquor.

Then I heard the women saying “agar aap chahe to mai apko chai pila sakti hun” I felt like i was dreaming.she asked me to come inside.When I enquired about the shops,she said. For 6 months this place is isloated from India.we collect everything,our daily usable items for next 6 months. So we don’t need anything through out the year ” to ab koi kharidega hi nhi to bechega kaun”

To my curiosity, i asked how they preserve their food stuffs and how you people keep yourself warm in this cold and isolated place. That women smiled and said said , we eat a wheat named “SUJA” which keep them warm through out the coldnight , and they dont need to preserve their food as temp goes up to -10 ,so our hut works as a cold storage.

I was being more qurious to know how come tourists get their stuff here if they want something ,her answer was “they get everything like you got your tea.”Then she said you can get everything you  want but not at the shops but at local homes, just you have to pay the price.

I was amused with the gesture of that place. it was a different kind of experience altogether to have something which you love, at a local resident’s place whom you dont know.

Finally I quenched my thirst of famous Indian liquor,over little chit chat with a local women,got to know some interesting things about that mystic place.I stayed there for 2 days and one to feel the different shades of nature, witnessed the flower garden which consist some rare fluora midst the tista river,had some local beer which you do not need to cool ,just put into that gorgeous mountain cliffs wrapped with snow.

After two days came down to Gangtok,  keeping the glorious views and experience of last two days,On reaching Gangtok I encountered one of the local custom in which neighbor unmarried girls usually go to their neighbors and ask for gifts during Diwali season.As Diwali was coming we also celebrated Diwali with local people and children.

Really that was my best Diwali ever,and that unforgettable tea quest was once in a life time experience.

With Love and lots of adventure.



3 thoughts on “The Tea quest

  1. highlights the “atithi devo bhav” culture of indian tradition along with demographic elegance that we have inherited..indeed a beautiful creation.


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