Banaras – the holy ghats

Ganga Aarti

1932382_949390001755963_1014150197196187202_n    Ganga Aarti

Banaras,where at every hundred metre you will find a confusing narrow lanes,at every 500 mtrs you will come across a temple,at every ghats you will acknowledge the differnet shades of Ganga.
Some say Lord Shiva still the city which is believed to be situated on verge of his trishul.
The city of kabir and tulsidas is always vibrant.

Every ghats and temples have their own story with mythological importance,you belive it or not but every human being want to connect to this place at least once in a life time,to get tuned with the peace in the daily crowd,to be pured in so called polluted water of holy river.
Even I have witnessed some of the foreigners being lost in varanasi culture.
From Assi ghat to rajghat,every ghat will unravel a different paradigm ,a differnt shade to ganga.
If u ‘ll find yourself lost in folk music at assi ghat,you will be really compelled to think about virtue of human life at last at manikarnika ghat where king Harishchandra collected the cremation,at dasashwamegha you will feel the echo of continuous ringing bells with the famous ganga aarti.
By luck,I was near ravidas park during sunrise,and belive me,that moment can not be described,the golden aura of the Sun covers the holy river as it is seeking permission to radiate the whole world.on the other side of ganga,you will realize that fort of ramnagar is coming out of nowhere,this is same fort where once kashi naresh used to live. serene peacefull magic of sunrise will bind your mind,heart and breath to that moment only.


After having a perfect morning if you dont go for local mishrambu lassi in godaulia chauraha,and kachori sabji at visheshwar ganj then you have not been to varanasi.

Apart from ghats ,I had been to kashi vishwa nath temple ,which was as usual very crowded for its importance to be one of the jyotirling and was looted at the time of invasion prior to mughal empire.
The famous sankat mochan mandir,where doot of lord Hanuman (monkeys) come close to you to get prasad and you can give it to their hand without any fear.this is the same temple where famous poet Tulsidas has written hanuman chalisa.IMG_50514131733532



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