TAURANGA -The Hidden Island

Holidaying is just fun when one chooses a splendid destination, but it’s
common that every place can not deliver all kind of experiences what one
expects from that very place.Though some places on earth have that
charisma,no matter what your expectations were , you would enjoy every bit
of that place.Either you are looking for great adventure sports, some cozy
moment with your love or just some days off from your hectic life.The place
gives you all,and that place is called perfect holidaying destination.

Some months back I got the chance to visit such a place.”Tauranga”, though
I never heard the name before but as usual I was overwhelmed and excited.
I got to know that place is a distant island somewhere in
Newzealand afterwords.

I packed my itineraries and boarded the flight to Auckland,After a long
flight I had to catch another connecting flight to Tauranga.

Though I did not expected much but my real journey started with that flight
to Tauranga. Normally a traveler expects comfort and service of some
beautiful air hostesses,but this was some thing different I was about to
board an eighteen sitter charter plane,only managed by pilots and no beauty.

This was the smallest plane I have traveled with,It was like goose bumps,I was happy and afraid at the same time because of air drag I was feeling like I am just swimming in the air

Through the portholes I came across some inactive volcano heads,valleys and
combinations of clouds which made my morning perfect.

On reaching my so called mystery land I realized ,There were  only five to
ten thousand inhabitants in Tauranga but the place was equipped with
everything what one could  long for.

An isolated and less populated island with lots of clean beaches,
mountains wrapped with ice and greenery ,roadside restaurants ready to
serve you world ‘s best cuisines ,game parlors and bars to make your
holiday more entertaining,loads of adventurous sports to stretch your muscle and
give you sense of accomplishment.

Though what I found most intriguing was that you do not need to get a cab
or some thing to see the place .walking was the most opted solution to
enjoy every bit of Tauranga.

Imagine, you are at the place with your sweetheart or friends where you can
explore different moments of island just by walking, which is the most
appropriate way of holidaying. At some steps you will see couples lost in
their romantic aura on the beaches,some school guys playing guitars and
other instruments on the road side or you can go  for a local food joints noticing all the local and interesting activities.If you are very much into adventure ,you don’t need to get disappointed
even if you are a learner.You can go for surfing on the tides of sea by
paying just thirty dollars.Beach Bolly will excite you the most or one
could try the roller scats on cemented pathways.

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As  Tauranga is well known for sea transportation,you can have the chance
to enjoy one night or two in  famous cruises. Which is another mind boggling
experience,you can enjoy some exquisite moments in casinos.

If you are a sun set lover just hire a yacht, spend one night and
experience the most romantic date with candle light dinner midst the ocean.

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The best part of the Tauranga is that whole valley is illuminated by the
clean energy, which makes it perfect destination without any pollution of
air or sound.

Though the place is not having any big shopping malls but you will get
everything of your need with in the town itself.

So if you are planning to go to Tauranga,don’t think much just pack your
bags and get started. You will enjoy the most romantic and peaceful holiday
of your life.

As I was alone ,I stayed there for two days , tried my hand on surfing,and
other things,took some photographs for souvenir ,enjoyed some local cuisine
and returned back with memoirs of another less explored destination.

With love and lots of adventure



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