Being Independent


Being Independent

Tomorrow on 15 august, every Indian will again feel that another glorious year of independent India has been passed ,we are proud ,we will celebrate it enthusiastically from the gate of RED FORT in national capital to every school and every office of the biggest democracy of world. Why should not we celebrate , after all we are independent , we are filled with joy and pleasure.

We are being happy for the biggest achievement of Indian republic, tomorrow every Indian weather Hindu, mushlim, sikh Or Christianity would feel patriotic, in Front of National Tricolour every one will stand with his head high. one way or other, everyone is going to take some oath ,everyone is going to make some promise for the integrity and respect of our country, but unfortunately not to fulfil it or keep it beyond the next day. No one can. This is our history we could not keep up the promise till the next day. If we could have done this ,we could have kept our promise and oaths, may be this year it would not have been required to take some other oath, well every year we take more or less same oath which is just to ” respect our citizens of every caste and creed and above all our so called glorified country”.

Today in India every one is independent, after all our country is independent,68 years back British left India and we got our independence on 15th august but do we really feel that we are independent? Do we really think hoisting the national tricolour would make us independent? Do we really feel that singing the national anthem in unison for one day make us independent? do we really feel that greeting everyone by “Jai Hind” for one day make us independent? I don’t think so ,even most of the laureates would agree with me that just celebrating our” Independence day” we are not independent because from next day  onwards we would be doing the same thing we did every year after celebrating our National Festival.

From the next day onwards we will start thinking and doing things for our benefit ,we will fight for our caste ,we  will proudly boast our religion to prove ourselves superior, we will keep on disrespecting women, we will fill up the roads and other places with filth and dirt. We will take bribes, we will rape some girl on a lonely road, we will disrespect the constitution in parliament by saying abusive words to other politician. after all we are independent we can do whatever we want this is the definition of independence in our country.

Sorry folks, but this is not independence ,we were  never independent and never will. This is the harsh reality of India, everyone feels that they are independent but no one dares to talk about positivity of society ,no one dares to talk about caste ,no one dares to talk about religion, no one dares to talk about  our spiritual books, and we never will. This is going to be our fate our future ,that we will rot in this society fighting with our own brothers ,raping our own sisters, making our country more filthy and what more can you expect in the country where “freedom of speech” and “freedom of religion” is just kept written  in our golden book”The  Indian Constitution” but never be understood or applied. If someone dares to speak something regarding particular religion to even his friend of another religion ,he is afraid or hesitates  to deliver the truth just to avoid any public outrage by mistake. Our tolerance level  has gone so down ,even we don’t let someone speak about caste ,creed, religion or community and then we say we are independent. we don’t talk about our glorious history and we say we are independent.  we don’t have strength to  destroy any small religious place which is midst the roads, and can lead to accident prone points to avoid making the issue political and we say we are independent. we don’t have strength to save a girl either in a womb or on a road and we say we are independent.

Independence is not what we are doing .in my point of view being independent  is to liberate the truth of society, to deliver the reality to society, to talk about religion without any hesitation, to give respect to every caste and creed and not to just fight, to protect women without ant disparity. Being independent means to say what you believes in and to listen patiently what others believe in .

Then in real we would be really independent ,that day we would have  real pleasure of saying that we live in independent India and we should always strive for that, till then we should celebrate our independence day  just not for the  day but for the weeks, years and decades.

Jai Hind

An Indian


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