Death of a Cellphone



Ever wondered what this mobiles are doing in our life , proper communication is priority for all of us but at what cost ,do we really think we are really connected with our loved ones due to this mobile, it is the intent which takes us in  close proximity of others not this damn device .I don’t believe mobile has made our life easier ,don’t we think, we used to exist happily when this so called invention did not intervene in our daily life, yes I believe every coin has the flip side, now we have got everything  on our finger tip due to this , on the other hand we the masters are  just being the slave .we are not controlling this device somehow this has started controlling our life, from morning to evening how this device has started played fool out of us ,From the morning to night due to this device, so many old invention  alarm clock, calendars, calculators ,Camera , torch are gone obsolete . we have got only one solution for any damn problem, one smart phone and you are ready to jack the world, ever wondered how this multi nodular device is snatching the human interface from our life, we are just going deep into the virtual matrix and leaving the reality behind, don’t take me wrong but every things has pros and cons, I usually say mobile is the worst invention ever made by humans, no matter how much beneficial it is. we have stopped using our mind for any small thing, this has started being brain for us, without it we feel we are incomplete, we just feel like dying every minute, the time we see our phone battery is going to be dead, like it is giving air to our life so what do we say, I guess we are just being puppet of this machine.

Something interesting happened which forced me to write about all this, the day I felt how lousy we are becoming because of this fucking thing. A whole night went into vacuum, just shattered like nothing, which I felt could be so happening if we were not habitual of this flashing metals and plastics in our hand. We have given all our brains our power to this thing. Meeting a close friend after a long while was so much exciting, when I was there for one night in his vicinity. Everything was planned, yes of course on the mobile only, that I have to admit, but how it got shattered and how things are getting shattered every moment in our life is just the effect of the deep penetration of cell phone in our life.

I happened to be in New Delhi, the national capital of India for one day, after finishing everything I planned to meet a friend of mine and scheduled our meeting, got ready and moved my way. The first thing after leaving my place was to book a cab ,thanks to internet and all the mind blowing people who made everything possible on your fingertip, unfortunately I could not get it due to slow internet and my friend booked it on my behalf. On my way to the cab reaching point, realized my mobile has just 25 percent battery which means I could  live independently for one or two hours, the first thing which came into my mind ,can I make it without any problem if my mobile dies. I literally called my friend about my apprehension but he had already booked the cab and things slept out of my hand. After some time I got a call from the cab driver saying he is reaching the destination “Defense Colony” which was supposed to be “The friends Colony”. Apparently my friend has overheard me and gave him wrong address. I was in hurry so I had to take an auto to the place my friend has suggested, obviously I did not have any idea about that place, but I was excited to meet him after so long. The cab driver was nice fellow, had a little chit chat over politics, religion and life in NEWDELHI .I was happy that auto driver was well versed to have a conversation with, was just being overjoyed. In the mean while I wanted to call my friend to inform him and realized that my phone is dead, I got panicked what to do, what happened, some time back battery was 25 percent now it’s not getting alive. So many thoughts started coming in my mind, suddenly my mood swiveled from happy    to tensed mood, what am I going to do, my other friends at my place did not know where I was, when they get back, they were not informed, how they will search me if I kept going on to meet my friend? My connection to them was lost. What my girlfriend would think when she would realize my phone was switched off, especially when we had  a heated argument some time back, would she be restless, or she would feel that I switched my phone off  purposely, Would she cry , or would she be concerned . Oh God knows what she would think. The main concern was how will I reach there to my friend at his suggested milestone, how will I communicate him about my whereabouts in a place as big as small town. Should I move forward or should I go back to my place and charge the mobile first.  Should I let my friend wait there for me till the time my mobile gets live, what would he think? What happened to me? I met with an accident? I cancelled my plan or I was just fooling around. Lots of question started churning in my mind just because of a fucking flashy device which made us so dependent, we feel, we are living in the some aliens place   without that piece of shit in our hand. I was in dilemma, crowded with all question and the decision I made, was to go back to my place after coming nearly more than half a distance. My mobile won over my intelligence and   I just conveyed the auto driver to move back from where he picked me up, he could not register what he just heard. He was having a nice conversation with me some moments back, now I wanted to turn him back, what’s wrong with me .he started asking sir, what happened? Is there any problem? I wondered, was really there any problem , what happened if my phone got dead, I can reach any damn place by our usual older methods .we have  made our life so easy that all else feels so complicated and that’s where this machines are controlling our virtue. I could not believe what I was doing, I said yes there is a problem ,my phone is not working so there is no way I can meet my friend as I was knowing the location, but not the exact vantage point of our meet. Cab driver could not stop him to help me out and said you can use my phone if you want, I took the phone and I got paranoid when I realized, I did not remember my friend’s  no. I felt so disgusting, some of important numbers were used to be in my memory when this flood of smart phones were not into existence, even I used to keep one notebook with important numbers and addresses, but gone are those days, Now we started believing gigabytes and memory of this flashy thing, we have left our mind to think about other things and problems in our life, we have made our mind so light that small incidence like this made us panic like hell. Cab driver asked me sir if you don’t remember the number, not a problem, you can use your SIM card in my phone and call him, now how could I make that poor guy understand that mine was smart phone and the chip would not fit in his mobile , moreover contacts were in phone not in the chip. So in any ways he could not help me though he wanted to, his final words were, sir I could not go back, this is my last ride and suggested to take some other auto or cab from other side of the road and stopped the auto at red signal. I got down with puzzled mind and crossed the road, waited for another auto to my place. I was feeling like an idiot .An idiot which is not slave of his mind, slave of his mobile, whose plans, meeting and happy moments of his life were depending upon the battery of his mobile.

So lame our life has become, I did not utter a single word to the auto driver my back home, I was just brooding over .My mobile made my soon to be happening night out to a gruesome experience.

Seriously, our life has been eased up or it’s just being controlled by this flashy and handy things. It’s worth giving a thought.  Can’t we move a single step on our own backbone without this; can’t we make a single decision without being dependent on this, can we? Hadn’t we really given all authority and power to our mobiles, do we really operate this or it is operating us? There was lots of question that night in my mind and nobody to answer because we all are being trapped in same paranoia, we want to be controlled, and we have lost the capacity to control things in life. That flashy thing is not a mobile; it has become remote control of our breath and our life.




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