Angolan delight- The most adventurous Lunch

Who does not want to have a delicious, lavish lunch followed by a fine scotch or a glass of red wine . but the question is, How much one can pay for it ,Especially at the place where you don’t have  much chance to get the ambience you want ,or variety of cuisines your taste buds long for. Most importantly if you really want to have  your favorite scotch at a comfortable place  after a long tiring week.

It differs from place to place ,but a country like Angola in the “ west African region” which is considered amongst the poor one. I mean Angola is the country where you can get the foreign exchange on the roads  even in front of the Banks, Where you can see the unhygienic eating  joints on road side  along with the well established food shops. Where you  can witness the old buildings just at the verge of destruction, just parallel to the air-conditioned commercial complexes. At the place like this, we did not expect to spend more than 50 US $ per person in any kind of place. This place proved us all wrong, or it would be better if I say that was a awful  experience followed by a surprise, happiness and above all real adventure of its kind.

One day ,after a long tiring week, had a chance to visit the city  “Luanda” in west African country Angola, and Getting a good place was first on our bucket list to relax and have some peg of ‘Scotch’. Just around the corner we noticed a 3 star hotel where we could get it all, though back of the mind we all knew place is going to be costly, But as per the environment of roadside and current rate of “Quansa’ against US $ made us fall for the bet.Just in a minute we were in  the lobby of second floor of the Hotel.

Where we could see the Bar at one side ,without blinking our mind we just magnetized towards the bar sections ,asked for the Menu the Drinks were really cheap .we could feel the amusement inside all of us , but nothing comes free and here we were, the bar had only drinks. They did not had any thing to offer as snacks. We Indians can drink loads but not without something to spice up our tongue. So here was  inevitable question” where can we get something to eat along with these drinks’. The  Answer gave us a hope and we just rushed to the indicated direction .

“Oh my god” that was our first impression  just reaching the section, No one had the opportunity to witness so much variety of delicious cuisines before. it was like food heaven , you name the variety and you have it on the buffet , be it Asian, Chinese,  Continental, Arabian, American or European. The place had it all, from squids to octopus, from prawns to lobster, from green leaves to  any vegetable of the season, sweet dishes, cakes, fruit salads .

Just after scanning the whole place , it seemed costly to me but another chap just cleared the web and said if I am right whatever we can eat ,at the end would have to pay around 300 US $ for all, and that’s not an  issue . well it was a new experience for us, we just  went along and tried everything which looked good, We Indians only experience  the “never tried’ cuisine by their look and smell , we tried it all and  it was an awesome experience for me .

The time came  when we needed to pay the bill, Here we found our ghost .The payment time, having food for five people  was 56,460 quansa that means around 545 US $ as per the current exchange rate.

We Were like numb , we could not believe it. The strangest part was ”the cost of same drink on the same floor in the Bar section was 4 times lower than having it in the buffet lounge on the same floor’

It was like bringing the drink from bar to buffet was as hard as it were being brought from the moon.

The food was just for 300 US $, and for 5-6 pegs of small drinks  we had to pay 200 US $ which we could manage in 50- 60 Us $  if we would  have been in the bar section.  We had only 300 US $ in cash including all, the place had extra rule of deducting 2 %  if we  would have wanted  to use cards.

The last resort was to rush to the ATM and grab the money, fortunately the HDFC  ATM was  very near by , but how we could get smooth ride for the first time, ATM did not workout, we rushed to other one, after consecutive trial it did not worked out either, Now we had last chance to go for another trial and wait for the  Card to be blocked or  clean the cutleries through out the night  against our bill.

At the last trial we got the cash ,we got the sigh of relief now no one had to clean the dishes. we rushed to the counter paid the bill.

It was really most expensive lunch of my life where we had to pay around 550 US $ just to eat and have a glass of scotch. We were lucky enough to experience this  and experienced it successfully otherwise most of the  world population does not have the capacity to pay the bill 0f around 550 us$ at once .